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2. Register for the NYC event - it will pop up in your account profile.


Collect, Prep, and Tag

We are in this with you! Make sure to use us for support. These bite-sized Tagging videos are an easy place to start!


Drop Off!

Enjoy private presales and then go enjoy your weekend, hero parent, while we take care of the rest. We send payment online or by check;
your preference.

the breakdown

~ NYC | JBF consignors receive 60% of sales,
  up to 2x traditional  consignment!

~ Team Members and Volunteers receive extra pay and shopping perks.

~ Consignors + Team Members have private access to the sale before
   we open our doors to the public. Keep extra cash in your pocket
   by scoring some of the best deals of the season!

~ Payment (from us to you) is sent out electronically
   or by check within 14 days after the close of sales.

~ Registration Cost: $15
   $5 deposit paid before the event,
   $10 taken from your sales after the event.
(Please note, spaces are limited and are on a first come first served basis. $5 deposit is non-refundable.)

~ With your fee your have access to tagging 101 events
   and supplies for your first 10 items.

   *Please note, all fees are non-refundable.

Register to Consign


good selling

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~ You can sell all brands and all kid's sizes. There is no limit to the number of items you can sell AND you are not limited to just clothing; we accept toys, books, baby gear. In fact, we accept just about anything, it was easier to make a list of what we cannot accept. Check it out in the "Prepping for the Sale" further on down.

~ Prices (tags) can be made year-round.

~ You can tag on your phone and also use the talk to text feature. Feels like having a personal assistant!

~ We are sticklers about safety (recalled items) and condition. It is important to us that our parents (including you!) can depend on the event
   as a resource for their families

~ You do not have to stay at the sale to sell unless you WANT to volunteer or join staff. We would love to have you.
   Anything you would like to pick back up will be sorted and waiting for you.

~ YOU CAN DONATE whatever you like to charity. How? While pricing, you just mark any item for donation.
    At the end of the sale, we gather those items and send them to charities that work closely with parents + children.
    If you would like a tax letter for your donations, just let us know and we will send your request to the charity.

Shoppers that come to the sale, come to stock up! This is a great resource for families to buy for the season AND a great way for you to sell to hundreds of people without having to lose time messaging back and forth, coordinating meetups and dealing with no shows.

By selling, you help others find what they need. By shopping, they help you in turn. Whatever doesn't sell, can go to charity and reach even more families and children here in the city.



getting started | support

JBF Newbie?
Click here
for a short walk-through of what this all looks like.

Ready to get started?
After you sign up for JBF, click on the "tagging" icon near the top right of your profile. This is where you will make your price tags.

Here's what tagging looks like from your phone:

Use the "Checklist" section below as a reference for items you should have ready when you come to check in at the event.

Check out the Prepping section below for reccomendations on pricing, how to videos, shopping links for supplies.

JOIN our Consignor Group on FB! This closed group is a great place to ask questions and search topics.

And PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us for any help. Just reach out!
call/text: 618-967-9270

presales | dropoff + pickup

    Join us for some of the best deals of the season.
    Friday, April 20th!

     Team Members | 3 pm
     Consignors* | 4 pm
     Saturday, April 21st
     Discount Day Presale!

     Team Members + Consignors* | 5pm - 6pm
     Special Guests | 6pm - 8:30pm


      Droppoff | April 19 + 20
      Thursday: 5:30pm - 8pm
      Friday:       8am - 12 noon

      Please see the Consignor checklist further
      down the page for what needs to happen
      prior to Dropoff.

      Pickup | April 22nd
      Sunday: 7pm - 8:30pm
      (For unsold items not marked for donation.)

      At 8:31 pm pm remaining items are donated to
      our partnering charity.
      We have to clear the venue and we can't take it with us (we've tried :)


prepping for the sale

What can I sell? How do I tag it? What is tagging anyway?

Start Tagging

Click to expand

supplies + pricing

This video gives a great overview of what you'll need.

Amazon has been a great online source for our supply needs. Check your local Dollar Store.
Where does quality matter? Safety pins and clear packing tape!

We get asked about these often.

cardstock only.
Here's a well priced item on amazon
We can also help you out. Check out this post on Facebook.

  • FAQ Can I use off-white or grey cardstock?
    We ask that you only use white. The other colors will give shoppers the feeling that the tag has aged and that your item isn't as fresh as it is. It will feel old.

If you just bought an off-white or grey color and cannot return it; use it for crafts for the kids and call us.

  • If you need help printing - we are happy to print tags for you after you have entered everything - no charge! Just catch us early enough before the event (a week or more) otherwise time gets a little tight for us.


  • Wire, retail + tube hangers are all just fine.
  • Here are some ideas about where to snag hangers.
  • We have also seen them online at big box stores as low as $13 per 100 for tubed, child-sized.
  • If you have problems finding them, we got you! We do offer them at cost for 10-12 cents a piece. They will be available at our office or at the venue during our setup. Just contact Shannon to arrange for pickup and payment.

The most successful JBF Consignors practice Shopper-Focused pricing. Simply Ask "What price would make me buy this item without hesitation.... and tell my friends to go RUN to the sale?"

Here are a few resources you can use. We also have pricing tips in each category type in the pink links below.

  • Look for the Pricing Video here
  • Pricing Guide; Keep it simple This guide is a great way to keep pricing simple, so you can price quickly.
  • Pricing Guide; Detailed! This is a very detailed pricing guide. This is great for spot checking your pricing or if you want to check on a particular item. Keep in mind that this was written as general guideline.  There are ways to make it more specific to NYC.
  • Simplify pricing with this great video by Consignment Mommies. We whole-heartedly support the info she shares and find it to be true! There is also a good Q+A in there, but you can easily skip through if necessary.

Other good resources...

  • For Items like baby gear; go to ebay and check "sold listings" (bottom left of page). See what prices items actually sell at.
  • Local Craigslist postings.
  • Parent FB or Yahoo groups.
  • Shoppers do compare online. You can always see what the retailer is selling items for now and price it at 1/4 - 1/3 of what you can usually buy it for. Avoid pricing higher than clearance (If I can grab it at the GAP new on clearance, why would I pay more for one that is not new?). UNLESS, they are new with tags and like items are NOT currently on clearance in store because they are IN SEASON (yay!)
  • Online Upcycle Stores - great for checking on specific brands:

Do you want to stop and check for every single item against the detailed pricing guide? NO. You will get exhausted. We suggest using the simple guide above and then for gear and other items, do a quick check online. Always undercut what you see on ebay and other upcycle sites. Parents have been shopping around. Can you imagine, standing in front of an item, for which you don't have to ask any questions (because you can see it in person), wait to receive in the mail or pay for shipping. AND it's less expensive?!

Parents come WANTING to stock up. To find as much as they can for this next stage or season for their child. I am one of those parents (Shannon Arias here)! Mauricio and I LOVE being able to shop and find as much for our little one as possible.

Remember, YOU ARE an expert. You are selling to moms + dads just like yourself!

Traps to avoid

  • Pricing high. You make more if you sell more! Remember, your items will be next to someone else's, so price competitively.
  • Keeping Items at Full Price. Our sale has full price AND 50% off days, so you are missing out on much of that shopper traffic by leaving your items at full price. Most shoppers on these discount days are specifically looking only for items that are half-off.
  • Pricing high when items are marked to "reduce". You WANT your items to sell at Full Price!

NOTE: Check your REDUCE and DONATE settings in your tagging account to fit your preferences.

We have seen it! A consignor prices high, keeps everything full price and then sells very little - having a lot to come pick back up. Better to sell a ton and let the rest support charity! We LOVE writing big checks to send to our consignors and want you to have a great return for your time and effort.

Unsold items that sit back at home or in storage can also become damaged by turning color. They take up valuable space at home or cost to store. Enjoy clearing it all out at once, making the most that you can and the peace of mind that comes from knowing ALL of your gently-used items can find a new home.

This all said...if you have something special or useful you would like to save or give to a friend, by all means do so! It is totally up to you.

tagging gun info

How to use

Where to buy
We order from Store Supply
They usually ship fast and, we find, work well.

You can also find on ebay and amazon.
Note: They can be cheaper (especially ebay) but check the seller rating and also pay attention to shipping ETA. Sometimes they ship out from overseas and take quite a while to arrive.

Tagging guns are extremely handy and fast but can damage fabric if not used properly. Because of this, we cannot accept items improperly tagged with tagging guns.

Scared you off these nifty tools? We sure hope not! If you have a lot of clothing, they can be such lifesavers. Just grab a few old washclothes or old pieces of clothing for practice. Or call us and if we can, we'll set up a free tutorial (aka coffee near our office :).

When tagging - be careful to tag only on the clothing label, when visible (at the neck of a shirt or waistband of pants, skirts, etc.) or using an inside seam that allows the tag to hang where it is easily seen (from the top if possible).  Also, pull on the tag to make sure it is properly secured and will not come off easily.  You can place tape over the barb and tag to ensure the tag stays on.


items we cannot accept

JBF accepts just about anything baby to teen. There are some things we cannot accept, however, due to safety concerns, licensing and the promise we make to parents, there are some things we cannot accept.

Please refer to the list below of what we cannot accept and our requirements for condition. If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to reach out to us for guidance.


Both clothing and non clothing items SHOULD be:

  • clean, odor free, smoke free, pet hair free.
  •  Not in any way be able to damage merchandise or equipment at the event (ex. bed bugs, strong cigarette odors...)
  • Clothing should be recently washed and fluffed or pressed. No rumpled clothing please.
  • Removable fabric on baby gear should be washed. Gear that looks dirty does not sell (even if it is high end.)

Parents envision their infant in that bouncy seat or onesie and it makes a difference as to whether they buy it.

Much of this is fixable ahead of time, but if it comes to the sale, we cannot allow it on the floor.



  • Recalled Items without the repair kit from the manufacturer installed.
  • Items that don’t meet current safety guidelines check out our Recall + Safety tools... link here and at bottom of page (in the pink circle).


  • Mattresses
  • Bottle nipples
  • Single-User Breast Pumps. (Hospital/Multi-User pumps are okay).
  • Plastic pieces to multi-user breast pumps that cannot be sterilized (e.g. tubing)
  • Underwear – (swimsuits + leggings in good shape, are okay.)


  • Adult clothing, unless it’s maternity.
  • Out of season clothing sizes 3T - Junior 18.
  • (All-Season clothing is ok... rain gear, for example).
  • Open product (e.g. lotion)
  • Food items (even if closed)
  • Crib Bumpers (even the mesh)
  • Car seats with less than 1 year left before expiration
  • VHS tapes
  • Stuffed animals (unless character – e.g. Disney or Elmo – or battery operated)
  • Antiques
  • Hand crafted items (because of safety guidelines).

Non-Clothing Items

  • any item with corroded batteries
  • items with missing pieces or that are broken.
  • Items that are not clean. For example, infant gear with dried or car seat with stains/crumbs.

Note: Batteries should be included in all things battery operated. They should work to enough to demonstrate that the item works but do not need to be new.


  • Dirty/scuffed. Cleats can have a scuff or two as long as they are in GREAT shape. (Magic erasers work wonders!)


  • Damaged clothing: torn, snagged, stains, broken zipper, missing buttons, showing excessive wear (frays and pillage) etc.
  • Clothes improperly tagged with a tagging gun (because it will damage the fabric).
  • Clothes that are not clean, are rumpled, smell musty, of smoke or that have pet hair.

Mommy Mart

  • This is currently a very limited category to women's accessories/goods and home goods.
  • No shoes, clothing, or fine jewelry (precious metals/stones. No open product.
  • No knock offs
  • Everything must be in truly gently used condition or better.

Thank you for helping us to create a wonderful resource for NYC parents!

bags + baby carriers

Diaper bags, infant carriers, backpacks, and purses are great consignment items. Please inspect all carefully to make sure items have not been recalled (link), stained, damaged or are missing pieces.
Package: Please zip-tie items to an adult-size hanger.

Price: Price 50% - 75% off retail. Items in great condition tend to sell very well.

Tag: Hole-punch JBF tag and attach it to item with ribbon or string. If item contains multiple pieces, be sure all pieces are included and list number of items on JBF tag description. (link to tagging video)



bedding, blankets & textiles

Bedding sizes accepted are bassinet through twin only. Please be selective when selling bedding, blankets, receiving blankets, burp cloths, and towels. New and barely used items sell best. Check carefully for stains; shoppers get very disappointed if they find a stain in a bundled blanket once they get home.

Package: Put bedding/crib/bedroom sets together in original packaging or in giant clear plastic bags. Arrange bedding sets inside bag so that shoppers can see all of the items as well as the design/pattern. Secure the bag so that items do not get separated. Bundle blankets, cloths, and towels with ribbon or string like a package (be sure multiple pieces cannot be separated).

Price: Price to sell! Shoppers are less likely to purchase these items used, so prices have to be low. Try to price 75% - 90% off retail.

Tag: If bedding is in a plastic bag, attach tag securely with packing tape to the inside of the bag and tape the bag shut (bedding set prices vary widely and securing tags inside bags prevents tag switching). If bedding/blankets are bundled with string, attach tag directly to blanket and tuck it under the ribbon/string so that it does not easily get pulled off when shifting around during the sale. (link to tagging video)



books, games, DVDs, arts & crafts

Books, book sets, board games, puzzles, video games, video game systems, scrapbook, arts & crafts sets are great items for resale. Please only bring kids’, parenting, homeschooling, pregnancy and child rearing books. Games and puzzles must have all pieces. (No "adult" content please). Check items to ensure they are in great condition.

Package: Use clear, self-seal bags or clear cling wrap (saran wrap) to hold multiple items together; Tie sets of books together with ribbon/string. Be sure that parts/games to video game systems (such as Vtech) cannot be separated or switched out at the sale. Video games will be near checkout to prevent theft.

Price: Prices can range from $.50 to $50 in this category, depending on the item. Price to sell especially for books & DVDs as there are always lots to choose from at the sale.

Tag: When tagging books, please attach your tag to the book with clear tape that can be removed without damaging the item. Tape tag to the outside cover of glossy books and to the inside cover of books that will easily tear when removing the tag. Please do not use masking or double sided tape. Hole-punch JBF tag and tie to sets. (link to tagging video)


We sell children's clothing Newborn through size junior size 18 as well as maternity sizes. Our Spring Sale is spring & summer clothing only. Be picky. Look at your clothing as if you were going to purchase them. No stained or damaged items will be accepted. Please freshly clean your clothing items. Replace missing buttons, sew loose hems and seams, and clip loose threads. Please button all buttons, snap all snaps, zip all zippers before you arrive at drop off. This will ensure that there are no defects in the clothing. The newer the item looks (and the better it smells), the better it will sell.

Package & Hang:  Hangers - Please hang clothes so the hanger hook points to the left (like a question mark). Hang size 0-6 clothing on child-size hangers and sizes 7-18 and maternity clothing on adult-size hangers. Clothing that falls off the hanger onto the floor does not sell well. Old Navy and many outlet stores are great places to get free hangers (they throw away hangers daily!) and WalMart & Target sell child-size plastic tube hangers at a great price.  Clothing Sets - Sets tend to sell better (under size 6) so match things up if you can. All garments should be hung with the hanger hook pointing left (should resemble a question mark when looking at the front of item). Safety pin to attach clothing sets securely with bottom garment hung on the backside of the shirt, so both pieces can be viewed without separating them.  Pants/Shorts - Pant-clip hangers are great but if you use a standard hanger, simply use safety pins to attach pants to the top part of the hanger so the garment will not slide. Onesies and socks need to be in a clear zip-loc bag (you may grop multiple items in one bag). Please be sure to label your tag well so that customers know if the items are short-sleeve onesies or long-sleeve onesies.

Price: Hanging Clothing - We suggest (but it is not required) to put outfits/set together and price for at least $3.00; Start at $3 for basic, generic brand 0-24mo outfit. Add $1 each for larger size, name brand, formal, and heavy/winter.  Non-hanging Clothing - Put sets together to price for at least $3.00, but okay to price for less (i.e., 6 pair of socks for $1.50).

Tag:  Clothing on Hangers - Attach tag with a tagging gun or safety pin to the label of shirt or upper right front of pants. Insert the gun in a label or inside seam, NOT through part of the clothing (to avoid making a hole or tear in the clothing). Also, pull on the tag to make sure it is properly secured and will not come off easily. Please make sure consignor tags are pulled out of the clothing so they are easily visible to the customers.  Non-Hanging Clothing - Please use tagging gun or safety pins to attach tags to onesies, socks, tights, infant mittens, and accessories. Be sure to also attach multiple pieces together. Please do not tape bags closed - shoppers want to feel and inspect items before purchasing. (link to tagging video)

furniture & equipment

Exersaucers, swings, high chairs, changing tables, cribs (Manufactured AFTER June 28, 2011; please bring Crib Waiver (link) for all cribs), strollers, bath seats, baby walkers, car seats & car seat accessories must be checked for safety recalls (link), must have all parts, and be in good condition. Children's furniture - beds (toddler, twin), desks, side tables, dressers, etc.  Household furniture - please see Mommy Mart information below.

Package: If item has multiple pieces use packing tape, zip-ties, or string to keep items attached together. If wooden furniture has loose parts, use clear plastic wrap to secure item. All furniture and equipment must be assembled during the sale. Batteries must be included, if applicable. Please bring a Car Seat Checklist (link) for all car seats, booster seats, and car seat base or infant carrier.

Price: Price 50% - 75% off retail. Items in great condition tend to sell very well.

Tag: Attach JBF tag directly to item with clear packing tape or hole-punch JBF tag and tie it to item. (link to tagging video)

infant items

Nursing covers & pillows, feeding items, monitors, safety items, diapering & toileting items, rattles, and more. Please check for safety recalls (link) on all items that you consign.

Package: If item has multiple pieces use packing tape, tagging gun, safety pins or clear self-seal bags to keep items attached together and clearly visible to shoppers. Batteries must be included, if applicable.

Price: Price 50% - 75% off retail. Items in great condition tend to sell very well.

Tag: Attach JBF tag directly to item or clear self-seal bag with clear packing tape or hole-punch JBF tag and tie it to item.



mommy mart

Women's accessories/goods  (costume jewelry, sealed product, scarves ...) + Home goods that other families will use (no knick knacks please). 

In line with the rest of the event, these items must be in gently used or better condition.

Regarding Women's Accessories: We cannot accept fine jewelry (precious metals + stones) open product, shoes, women's clothing. No Knock offs.

You may consign storage solutions (baskets, bin, shelving), furniture, decor (lamps, wall hangings, no antiques), and kitchen items (small appliances, utensils, etc.).
Re Non-child specific furniture; please be selective with large items for this fall 2016 sale. Our space for this event is limited. If you have questions, just call us to consult.

Package: If selling multiple pieces together, be sure that all pieces are secured together.

Price: Price to sell! These items are not the primary reason shoppers come to JBF, so price them low!

Tag: Secure the tag to the item to ensure that the tag does not fall off during the sale and so that item is not damaged when the tag is removed after purchase.




Make sure shoes are clean, clean, clean! We will be VERY selective during Consignor Drop Off & Inspection. Shoes must be current season (Fall = October thru March; Spring = April thru October).

Package: Fasten shoes together with zip ties. For infant shoes or small shoes without laces, you may put them in a clear zip-lock bag. We prefer no shoe boxes. However, if shoes are in the box, please remove the lid, secure it to the bottom of the box, and secure the shoes to the box (closed boxes do not sell well).

Price: We suggest to start at $3.00 for infant/toddler; Add $1 each for larger size, name brand, or heavy/winter.

Tag: Punch a hole in the top of your tag and attach the tag to the shoes with the ribbon, string, or zip tie. For infant shoes in a clear zip-lock bag, put the tag inside the bag and tape the bag shut with clear packing tape. (link to tagging video)


Ride-on toys, block sets, dolls, remote control cars, outdoor toys, learning toys, and more. All toys must be checked for safety recalls (link) before consigning.  Clean all toys and baby equipment thoroughly. Please test to make sure that toys and equipment are working properly. Battery operated toys must include working batteries (these can be purchased inexpensively at local discount stores).

Package: Keeping tags and multiple items attached is essential for your items to sell. Bag all small parts belonging to toys/equipment in self-seal bags and tape the bag shut with clear packing tape. Fasten the bag securely to the item with ribbon, tape, or zip ties. Items must include ALL working parts.

Price: Price 50% - 90% off retail.

Tag: Attach the tag directly to item with clear packing tape or hole-punch JBF tag and tie it to item. (link to tagging video)




checklist + spring specifics

    1. Register for NYC event

    2. Registration Cost - $15.
     $5 deposit paid before the event, $10 taken from your sales after the event.
        PAY NOW
(Please note, spaces are limited and are on a first come first served basis. The $5 deposit is non-refundable)

    3. Download and fill out:
                    a. Seller Agreement
                    b. Car Seat Checklist (if selling car seat)
                    c.  Crib Checklist (if selling crib)
 **Please note: Manuals for any car seat or crib MUST be included.**

     4. Bring Waivers and State or Federal Picture ID to Dropoff.
NYC ID accepted as well (It's awesome, everyone should get one!)

      5. Bring that same picture ID back for Pickup.

      6. Donation letters (for tax documentation) are given upon request.

SPRING 2018 SPECIFICS; All about clothing

        - Spring/Summer clothing + accessories only.
        - Long sleeved shirts are fine as long as they are not
           fall/winter specific in style (e.g.. flannel, thermal).
           Bathing suits are fine.
         - All-Season items like rain gear, are fine.
         - Sizes preemie - 2T can be ANY season.
         - Maternity Clothing can be ANY season



More Pay + Perks | Team Members

For NYC - instead of the button there to the right, contact if interested. We look forward to hearing from you!

We really do. Come alongside us to support a worthy cause, meet other parents and make/save extra money!

Our team is composed of volunteer + paid positions.

  • Paid Team Members receive $10.50/hr, are scheduled anywhere between 6 - 40 hours during the course of the event (based on your availability) and are given a tax record at the end of the year.
  • Volunteers
    Help out with areas of the event that directly benefit our charity. Volunteers help out for 2 hours or more throughout the event and are given awesome discounts off their shopping and are also invited to the Team Member Presale.

Volunteer Discount*
For every 2 Hour Shift
25% instant rebate for every $1-$100
(e.g. Volunteer 4 hours, receive 25% off any purchase up to $200)

Mauricio and I just want to take the opportunity here to say thank you!  Please know that we are so grateful to have you come together with us to make this happen for our families.


Moms Helping Moms

If you are new to tagging- we encourage you to give it a try! We are here to help you get started with workshops and personal consultation.

No time to tag? There might be someone in your circle who is willing to help! Ask a babysitter or another mom who is saving up extra $$.

We're here to support them as well, just make sure to send us there name after you sign up!




Shannon + Mauricio
618-967-9270 (call/text)

Have questions about selling?
Contact Shannon directly at


We're right there with you! Who couldn't use a break when it comes to space, time + money in this city?! NYC is a special place to raise a kid AND especially difficult! I am in the arts and Mauricio is a post doc in science. With family far away, we often feel the constraints of being parents here.That is why we started NYC | Just Between Friends!

It brings us joy to turn our preschooler loose at the sale knowing that, we can say "yes!". We love stocking up for him knowing it helps other families save for the future - or do more now.

Plus there is the sheer peace of mind knowing that great stuff lives on and doesn't go to waste!

We love it!